Sunday, September 30, 2012

How I created something perfect

     Okay, after yesterday's epic and emotional post this is going to seem utterly mundane.  But they can't all be tear jerkers and without the simple bits of life, the dramatic parts would become tedious.  

     Today Brennan, the kids and I went to the Snohomish car show with my brother in-law and sister in-law.  I am not at all interested in cars but it felt good supporting my husband's interest and the kids loved it.  It was a gorgeous, sunny fall morning and Snohomish is an insanely cute town on a river so walking around with blue sky and red leaves and antique shops all around felt really good.  

     But the very best part of the morning was the walk back to our car.  The kids were done, you could just feel it, but we just happened to pass a furniture store that the perfect modern style dresser in the window.  We have been looking for a new dresser for months, and we had a very specific style in mind to go with our newly remodeled master bedroom.  I mean, we have checked every website out there, gone to every store and had no luck.  

     Uncharacteristically, we had decided to put whatever spare cash we got into an envelope and save up until we found the perfect dresser.  This is something new for us; spending willy nilly is more our style so this was a pretty big step.  We also happened to have saved just the right amount in that envelope.  We had two checks coming in for royalties on our book, and Brennan had another royalty check for his other book, plus a few odds and ends saved up.  It was perfect timing and a perfect piece of furniture.  We braved our kids' impending melt downs and, on a total whim, bought our new dresser.  

     This is such a great reminder for me that what we create can be perfect.  When we set things in motion with positive intention and patience, then things that were once difficult can be as easy as peasy.    Nothing in life needs to be hard.  We can always have what we want and need.  

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