Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm starting a blog

     Yay!  I'm starting a blog.  Lately I've been exploring what makes me happy.  Mostly it's the little things, bits of goodness tucked in between bustling and cleaning and corralling chaos, and it's also starting new things.  I have always journaled and I enjoy sharing far too much information via facebook, so this seemed like a good next step.  I have a lot of ideas swirling around and this will be my platform.

Some of the things I want to start writing about:

My kids and all things parenting
My family and my successes and failures with relating to them
The death of my mother and how it continues to affect me, especially as a mother
Every day stuff--- my thoughts on the demise of Sesame Street, recipes I try, Pinterest, friends, playdates, shopping, exercise, television shows, movies, wine
My quest to unflinchingly be my SELF

A little bit about myself:

     My name is Shauna and I will be 39 years old next month.  I have been married to a wonderful man named Brennan for three years and we have two awesome children, Megan, 3 and Finn 1 1/2.  I live in Redmond, Washington but in many, many ways my heart belongs back across the lake in Seattle.
    I think that I have a pretty interesting history and I might write installments as part of this blog.  There are all kinds of possibilities with blogging!  Yay!  I look forward to this new adventure.

Lots of love,