Saturday, October 13, 2012

Exploring ebay: I'm a BILLIONAIRE!!!

I have the best in-laws  For an early birthday gift they all got me gift certificates to ebay.  I love ebay.  I also love old stuff.  I have collections tucked away of a lot of different things... postcards, coins, stamps, toys, neat antiques from the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition (I really should do a post dedicated to my book), and a bunch of cookbooks and housekeeping guides from the 50s.  I'm not a hoarder mind you, I just love having old things, things with wonderful histories.  It makes me happy.

I hadn't really used ebay before now, but I love browsing all the cool things that are for sale.  My favorite search phrase is "weird stuff".  (Try it!  You'll like it!)

That is where I found these:

Three twenty billion dollar bills and one five hundred million dollar bill.  They are from Zimbabwe where there had been hyperinflation from 2003-2009.   It is said that you would have needed a wheelbarrow full of these just to get a bus ticket.  From what wikipedia said on the matter, things are better now but you can still come across this funny money.  I am now a billionaire!

I have since bought more strange and wonderful ebay finds and will share them with you when they arrive.

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