Saturday, October 13, 2012

The craziest bit of "coincidence" you'll hear today!!!

The most amazing bit of serendipity you will ever hear, at least today:

We were at the Northgate mall play area today with Grandma Wendy.  I saw a kid around Finn's age who was wearing the same shirt as Finn so I commented to his mom "nice shirt!" and she smiled.  A few minutes later I overheard the mom talking to her son saying "Finn, be careful...".  I had to go up to her and share my astonishment that MY kid with the same shirt's name is Finn too!  We were like--WHOA!

THEN... I said, "I have to ask--how old is your Finn?"
"19 months".....(mine too).

"What's his birthday?" I asked, my heart hammering.

"March 10".  Two days before my Finns.

"What's his full name?" she asked amazed.


"Mine toooooo!!!!"

The hair on my arms still stands up just thinking about this!


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