Monday, October 15, 2012

More ebay adventures! Thrills from the AYPE!

I got another ebay treasure in the mail!  I'm so excited about this one since the subject is near and dear to my heart.  It is a souvenir from the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition of 1909.  And this is a cool souvenir too!

It's a horoscope wheel!  Amaze your friends with the astrological wonders of the heavens!  Impress your family with your powers of prestidigitation!

You turn the wheel until the pointer is on your birthday and then you'll be able to see what sign you are (which is hilarious since nowadays everyone pretty much knows their sign when they're a baby), then you turn it over and read your horoscope.

I'm a Scorpio and this is what it said about me:  "You are heavy set, the weight laying through the thighs".  Well I never!  It just goes to show you that the ladies probably didn't mind being a bit on rounder side back in the day.

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