Friday, October 12, 2012

Things that I'm in love with: David Weisner books

This summer I went yard sale-ing....a LOT.  Every friday I would pack the kids up along with my list of sales I found on Craigslist, and shop until I dropped.  Soon I will dedicate an entire post on all of awesome treasures I found, including a book called The Three Pigs by David Weisner.  I had never heard of the author but it was a kids book and only 25 cents so I added it to my pile of goodies.

I LOVE this re-imagining of the traditional three pigs story.  The pigs escape the book...and explore a bunch of other stories before the wolf can get them.  Completely imaginative.  And M loved it.

Look at those pigs hightailing it out before the wolf blows their house down.  Excellent.

The next one I got was a library book called Flotsam.  It was something my sister Sherri threw into my pile at the last minute and I had no clue what it was.  I got home and read it to Megan and, jaw dropped and my brain exploded into a million pieces of happiness.  I think that this is my favorite kids book EVER.
There are no words in this book, but the story is beautifully written with mini masterpieces on every page.  I won't spoil the plot too much but it's about a boy who discovers an old underwater camera that washes up on the beach and he runs to get the film developed (old school one hour photo style).  The photos show what kinds of wonders lurk beneath the ocean. 

This is one of the most creative books I've seen.  

Of course I had to go to the library website right away and add the rest of Weisner's books to my queue.  I've read two more and they don't disappoint.  

There's Tuesday, another wordless story about the mysterious phenomenon that happens on a tuesday night when every frog around starts to float throughout the countryside.  

The last, book I borrowed from the library is also one of my favorites and is also about unexplained floating phenomena.  June 29, 1999 is about a third grader's science experiment that results in giant flying vegetables.  Not only is the story super cute, but the artwork is grand and sweeping.  

I think that my favorite thing about David Weisner books is how darned creative they are.  In a sea of silly, rhymey nonsense stories, it's so refreshing to come across these unique works of art.

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